Why I’m Running for Mayor

I am running for mayor of Brookfield to defend the three key pillars of a successful community:

  • Safety

  • Low and predictable taxes & fees

  • Local government that serves residents, rather than the needs of itself

Currently the mayor and his staff focus solely on tax value gained through development, not the quality of life for residents. As your mayor, I will unify and focus the community and city staff to enhance the quality of life and support the historic values of our suburban ownership community.

I wish to add real value to Brookfield by re-inserting residents into the decision making process across all aspects of city planning, public services and neighborhood investments. Resident input is necessary to re-establish Brookfield as a leading community as it once was in the 1990's and 2000's.

Brookfield will continue to be a high value community under my leadership. I will fully support our police department and public safety personnel while keeping taxes low and predictable. Our exceptional location will continue to attract investment by residents and businesses.


I support and will collaborate with Brookfield’s police and fire departments. Brookfield is known as a safe community and will always be helpful in a time of need but also should not inherit issues not resolved by our neighbors.

One focus will be on partnering with neighboring communities to ensure dangerous criminals are kept in detention. Suburban communities will need leadership to keep dangerous catch and release policies from harming residents.

Better Communication, Transparency & Let's Get Residents Involved!

Most residents understand that the world has changed since the 1990’s. There is a void due to the lack of journalists which previously communicated out happenings in the city government. The city needs to look at revamping the way it communicates to the residents. The information should be pushed out to the residents to be easily consumed.

My goal is to ensure residents are a welcomed part of the decision making process for Brookfield!

Preserve Brookfield’s Value

Brookfield has the benefit of being in a great location. To preserve Brookfield's value I will invest in our police and public safety personnel as well as keeping our taxes low and stable.

City Services

City services need to support the needs of the residents, not the other way around. As mayor I will work to ensure changes in city services are well thought out, communicated and will seek input from residents along the way. Additionally, I will ensure the services that do exist are easier to work with and serve your needs.

Train Quiet Zone

I will work to add value to neighborhoods by investing the necessary money to end the 24/7 train whistles by making Brookfield a quiet zone for trains like our neighbors, Elm Grove, Pewaukee, and Wauwatosa.

Support our Local Business

I support making Brookfield an easy place to start, grow and flourish local businesses.

Beautifying Our Streets

We will beautify our main Roads by restoring the beauty lost by road and highway expansion of Calhoun Rd. and North Ave. Appropriate landscaping will aide traffic calming, lowering speeds, and restore and improve the beautiful suburban nature of our streets.

Trails & Parks

Trails, parks and green spaces are a great benefit to the City of Brookfield. The system in Brookfield requires attention to ensure that it continues to serve the evolving needs of our residents. Many parks have not been touched in over 20 years. My focus as mayor is to help refresh Brookfields parks and improve our trails through public and private collaboration.

Property Development & Re-development

Our city has traditionally been an ownership community. People come to Brookfield and they have skin in the game. They own their own home or condominium. As your mayor I want to defend our suburban life style and ownership community from the powers that be who have plans underway to create high density urban styled housing owned by out of state real estate corporations. This urbanization has been fully embraced by the current mayor and is slated for Brookfield Square, Executive drive, and Bluemound Road between Moorland and Calhoun Road. Brookfield may need more housing. To retain our values we need housing which is consistent with our scale and suburban landscape.

To ensure this, I will work to communicate the happenings at city hall, especially changes proposed by the Planning Department to urbanize Brookfield. This planning extends to high density, high rise, urban planning tactics seen in larger cities.

Decision Making for Brookfield

Too many times decisions are influenced from Madison, Milwaukee and national influences. My goal is to unify the residents and seek your input in helping shape and form the future of Brookfield. My goal as mayor is to be the resident’s representative through open, transparent and frequent communication.

Term Limits for Elected Officials & Lack of Aldermanic Candidates

Most of our neighboring communities have two year aldermanic terms and some even have two year mayoral terms. I believe going back to two year terms ensures your representative leadership is seeking your input actively.

Additionally I will work to recruit more aldermanic candidates. Many of our seats this year were open and only one individual has run for the position. We need more candidates to help spur debate and ensure the candidates are the best representatives for their community.

Experience & Accomplishments


  • 50 year resident of Brookfield

  • Graduate of Brookfield East and UW Madison

  • Alderman of Brookfield for Three Terms

  • Served as a Member of Elmbrook School Board

  • Realtor at Shorewest & Coldwell Banker since 1995

  • Real estate investor and property developer since 2008

Accomplishments In Brookfield

Mitchell Dog Park

Driving member of a leadership committee of residents to develop the dog park at Mitchell park.

Beautifying City Streets

Led effort, of committee of residents, to begin beautifying Brookfield city road medians through a test project on Calhoun road that remains today. The test was successful and has spread throughout the city.

Brookfield Pedestrian Trail System

Spearheaded the first section of Brookfield’s Greenway Corridor trails system, which is a pedestrian and bike path that connected to Fairview Park. This path connected adjacent neighborhoods to the linear and beautiful Beverly Hills Park, which was unique because it was not next to a road with vehicle traffic. It was wildly popular and this detached trail system spread to the rest of the city by popular demand.

Arbor Day Foundation

On the common Council, I led the successful effort to hire a forester and inventory our street trees. This made Brookfield eligible to be designated a National Arbor Foundation Tree city USA.